1. Hi, the movie I recommend above all others is What A Way To Go: Life At The End Of Empire by Tim Bennett and Sally Erickson. It can be watched for free at

    And if you want something free to read which follows on from your great film then I offer Underminers: A Practical Guide for Radical Change, by me (Keith Farnish) at Good to see some of the stuff I’ve written about being put out in different media.

    Cheers, Keith.

      1. Really? I couldnt condense the Venus Project down to sci-fi if i tried; the designs quite non-fiction, and they aren’t even the point.
        The abandonment of Money and the onset of a Resource Based Economy is the primary example set by the Venus Project. If we are to escape the corruption, inequality and control imposed by the very existence of currency, we would be fleeing to a Resource Based Economy. Any technology presented is simply Jacque Fresco demonstrating the unlimited potential of such a society. I look at that as a preliminary feasibility study.

        I dont think this planet can afford to turn its nose up at potential solutions. And as solutions go, an economy free of Money is the brightest idea I’ve seen.

        Please reconsider? :)

    1. Maybe read some Derrick Jensen, Layla AbdelRahim or John Zerzan, then look at what strategies are effective and make up your own mind! I don’t know what to do really, I just hope we can figure it out before we all are doomed.

  2. So here are some thoughts on the Venus Project. I think it is just more fascism masked in some techno-fantasy with no reality check. To explain techno-fascism we can look at the so called renewable electricity sources and see what’s required to build and maintain them, wind power kills a lot of birds all the time but the true cost of wind power is in the production:

    Considering that people have to work in mines, becoming poisoned by that work and have a short life, to build these technologies I found this sentence in the film: “If technology doesn’t liberate all people…” certainly peculiar. Will robots build everything? What will then fuel the robots, and who will build these robots? Then what fuel will build these robots? Oil?

    The problem is overconsumption and that can partly be solved by sharing more with each other as expressed in the film but it would have devastating consequences to build all those new tennis courts and crap, we already have too much of that, we just have to take it back to being everyones instead of private owned.

    Then this sounds like just one solution, but all over the world the people already have the solutions, they used to live their lives sustainable before the civilized culture came and offered its “welfare” that brought the insanity of never being satisfied and the technological way to perceive life. One of the most devastating things people now believe is the very separation of self and other, and that we do not have responsibility towards our surrounding environment. And I think the entire idea of civilization and being civilized is based on this notion of separation.

    Someone designs nice places to live? What if you prefer other ways of life? I mean other ways entirely? I don’t want to walk around every day in a designed place, I want irregularity, the chaotic full resonance of the wild and untamed. I don’t want to live in a that controlled world, I want to live in a wild world not in a mega zoo.

    He’s obviously created a boys dream society for world leaders to embrace, but show his designs to a starving family in Burkina Faso and you’ll probably find out what they think. The abundance he is talking about is not there, there are physical limits to how much we can take from the world and we have already taken too much from most places, we have made thousands of species extinct, in some places in China bee populations are gone so humans have to pollinate all the fruit trees by hand. It’s true that we could spend our resources on better things than the war machine but then the west have to become much poorer because they can no longer steal resources from others by force. They are poor just because we are rich, that’s how it works. Everybody can not become rich even if we shared everything.

    The resource based economy “solution” is built on the same civilized order idea, that we are to control everything and I think that is what got us here in the first place. Corporations are lobbying for the same idea but to be able to create scarcity not abundance. They want to have a price on clean water and clean air to be able to create scarcity and make a fortune filtering water and air for example. I think that as long as we view everything as resources, for any purpose (socialism, capitalism, the greater good, progress etc.), we are bound to waste them. We are viewing tuna as a resource and treats tuna as a resource, we consume it because we consume resources. Now I don’t mean that we all should be vegetarians but we should respect what we eat and we should take care of our surroundings and to create abundance of what is really necessary for us to survive we have to remove our technology as obstacles for wildlife, for example hydropower dams that prevents fish from spawning and multiplying. The same is true for highways, factories, wind power, mines etc.

    I don’t mean to sound pessimistic but I don’t think this will ever work and I do not want to force people down into mines, killing them just to maintain a way of life that is separated from the real world. The world we are evolved to be a part of, to take care of, to make flourish. I agree with some things like “if we don’t live in harmony we will all kill each other” but the solutions put forward in this film is just crap and more fascism. Fascism with a too simplified history behind it to see the true origins of these problems, which goes further back than money and the economic paradigm of the modern world. I am all for the abandonment of money but there are conflicts deeper rooted than money.

    I am not as interested in solutions, I am more interested in winning. What winning means to us varies, but to me it is world justice, peace, a living world among other things and I don’t see that coming through in this vision of a sci-fi technological society.

    1. Thanks for your reply. I mostly agree. I’m fervent about the Resource Based Economy rather than the designs on show in the video 😀
      When I first looked at the Venus Project my initial reactions went like this:
      “Yes, we need to be rid of money.
      No, I will not live in a sterile dome. No matter how many bloody tennis courts there are!” :)
      Its my silly dream to live in a treehouse, or at least to have one.. Something I just don’t have time to do, as I’m kept busy with ‘abstract duties in an artificial world.’ to quote the Fuck-It-Point.
      I want to grow my food in unpolluted land with unpolluted water.
      I want my children to walk bare foot and not fear the dark.
      I want to spend the hours of my life doing the things I love.
      I never want to see the hours of my life on a wage-slip again.

      The Paradise or Oblivion video does not look like my dream. But I love it.
      As a friend of mine recently commented, people are largely shaped by their environment, and can, in who they are, be healed by a healthy environment. Does that mean sterile domes? Not quite. For a being born of nature, its own Natural Habitat is healthiest. That’s common sense.

      The monetary system rewards greed. Rewards those who compete against their neighbor. Separates people. Teenagers kill the elderly for pennies, to pay for drugs, so they can escape the feeling, something is wrong… Who has time to learn what it is to be Human when Time Is Money?

      When my Doctor sends me away with painkillers, without having listened to me or even looked me in the eye, I know he’s not following his heart, but his wallet. If money did not exist, a man or woman with a passion for healing others would fill his shoes. And how much further do we excel at the things we love to do? :)

      What I see when I look at the Venus Project is a plan. To survive. We have the food to feed those in poverty, but money stops us getting it to them. Horrifically, money makes it profitable to keep these poor people poor. Money motivates human beings to cause others to starve to death. Since my birth, money has decided that I deserve less, though I am smarter than many wealthy people. I do not persevere within a society I reject, and so I find myself seeking to find or create an alternative.

      “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti

      I don’t believe everyone will live in domes in the future, on the moon, two tennis courts per person. I see past the futuristic ideas of the Paradise or Oblivion, to the potential a Resource Based Economy wields.

      You’re right in the things you say, some of these miracle technologies currently in use cause harm and drain resources.
      Technology is not the solution to our planets great social problem, money. Nor is it the cause. Technology is a curse if we use it destructively, and a blessing if we use it wisely. A simple shovel is technology, as is a life-support machine. And into that same category we can throw chemical warfare and animal testing.

      As Homer Simpson showed the world when he switched off all the lights in his house using a gun, technology is whatever you make it.

      To me, technology is the ability to heal the sick, to see the world, to keep us close to each-other, to remove pollutants from our land and water and keep them gone, to discover the great depths of space and the greater depths of our human history. To me, the printed word is not something we would benefit to lose. I would use technology for this and more, because I see no value in money, but in these things.

      I use electricity that comes from wind turbines that kill birds. Wind turbines generate a large amount of carbon emissions when being built, and they reach the end of their life-span before paying their own carbon-debt. If money were not a factor I would put solar panels on my roof and remove the ugly power lines that dangle across my street. Transparent solar panels are in development and would not even be noticeable on my windows. My refrigerator would stay on, and my house would stay warm with no trees harmed and no coal mined. Without money there would be no need to keep using harmful technologies.

      In the Venus Project I see a Resource Based Economy. If money is not involved, nobody will be forced to work in mines for money, or slave in sweatshops for money. Fascism will not be possible. If something can only be acquired through slavery, we will do without. We will do the best we can with what we have, and that’s the best we can ever do. You and I will be free to live as we please, as will city slickers, and anyone in between. It would be a survival trait to cooperate rather than compete. To be sharing rather than greedy. Humanity would not be regulated by a corrupt system, and would show its true colours. We will grow in the direction our nature takes us, unimpeded by money.

      I have an oak tree that’s only a few inches tall, because I keep it in a small pot. That’s how our species is right now. The Resource Based Economy is our open soil, limitless, and ours for the taking.

      When I watch Paradise or Oblivion, I’m happy for the people who like tennis, but I see myself living far over the horizon with my family, happily coexisting with nature. It isn’t for me to say what people should do within a resource based economy, nor is it for the Venus Project, or anyone else. The Venus Project represents and promotes a world without money, and nothing else. The technologies are just ideas. If I could animate I would submit very different ideas, and they would be just as valid. The only constant is the absence of money, in which anything is possible. The Venus Project, to me, is a limitless plan. and what better way to start something than with a plan:
      Get rid of money.

      -thanks for reading, please ‘scuse the long reply :)
      Would you consider showing a video that excluded technological and lifestyle ideas and promoted the Resource Based Economy idea in other ways?

      1. It’s nice to hear your thoughts! I like the tree house idea living close together in the wild, and I agree with the most things you say. However my interest is more in analyzing the problem and it’s genesis and how we can stop the atrocities committed by civilization and civilized people. The resource based economy might be a good idea and I always tend towards “whatever works”, I mean we can have our critiques and utopian visions but if they aren’t working in the real world… Well then we’ll have to try something else. I don’t say because of that we shouldn’t try. We should try everything until we save the inhabitants on earth from disaster!

        But lets say you and I live in a forest and the resource based economy is reality everywhere and they decide they need our forest to build something, a big house for example, will they take our forest then? What will happen if the interests of the many are against the interest of the few, will the few become dispossessed then? I think I don’t really get the whole idea and what’s so good about it.

        I also think if we perceive the world as resources we will use it as if everything is resources. I think we need more a change of consciousness and change of cosmology. Science have its truths but we never stop and think about and question what kind of society the truths of science brings. Derrick talks about this here: in my The Fuck-it Point I cut away the part with his next step of what he thinks would not be sustainable.

        When it comes to technology I can recommend a piece by David Watson about technology and the regular discourse debating it, I found a recorded audio for it here:

        Nice to have a discussion about these things and if people want to check out Paradise or Oblivion and make up their own minds they can of course find it here in the comments!

  3. Very good list of movies, getting to it at once. Good job on the web-site, the movie, all, we need more action.

  4. The ideas set out by the Venus Project, in my opinion, just aren’t workable in reality. There are simply too many factors they’ve omitted or assumed a ‘best-case scenario’, which in real life rarely works out. Like a previous writer, I think it serves well to highlight the benefits of a system without money. I think in truth, for us to reach anything like sustainability, we will have to learn to live without many of the things we take for granted today. And that is where huge resistance will be met by almost anyone. As much as I know we’re all fucked, I’m still not ready to go and live in a yurt and survive by foraging!

    Sadly, as much as i think it’s important for peoples’ awareness to be raised, and dialogue about solutoins to our problems to take place, any kind of meaningful change is almost impossible. The powers holding all the cards, and controling our media, military and police forces, will do all they can to perpetuate the status quo as long as possible. The USA, UK and Russia (I’m sure there are others) have all passed recent legislation to inhibit the rights of people to free protest. The noose will slowly tighten on all our liberties to prevent any kind of insubordination. History, as always, will repeat itself; totalitarian regimes will ensue, millions will be slaughtered. And then when society finally collapses, those who survive to crawl amidst the rubble, will have to fight for their lives simply to find clean water, and food and avoid gangs of roaming cannibals. All civilisations fail eventually, and you might say the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Ours will be epic.

    I’d suggest to anyone that was serious about making changes in the World to avert disaster, that if they accept that disaster is almost inevitable, it is proably equally, if not more worthwhile, to learn the survival skills to cope during and after the crises. From basic survival skills, to defending yourselves, to medicine, to farming and animal husbandry etc. All of these skills could prove invaluable in the decades (I hope we’ve got that long!) to come.

  5. Ive learned alot watching alot of these docs etc.

    I notice theres alot of telling what is ‘really’ happening. As most of us here know, the rest of the world and esp Americans are very ignorant to the situation. These same Americans need a plan a solution. Those that are proactive can make our own trail, or at least most of us can & know what to do. What about those that don’t or are in oblivion? We need to devise a plan for those that need it spoon fed.

    Any suggestions

    1. Hi! Very nice! I will listen to it when I find good internet connection! Out here in the outer colonies the internet isn’t that good 😉

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