The Gállok Rebellion

The summer 2013 a new area of occupied Sápmi were under attack from the mining industry, if it were not for some brave resisters the test blasting outside Jokkmokk would have gone by without commotion. The Saami people would have once again been exploited and future generations of beings would have been poisoned without even a debate. Now something happened. This is the story told by the resisters in Gállok. These views are not often televised. This is not an attempt to make an ”objective” film, as if that was possible. This is why we revolt and why you should join the struggle!

It might look like we had a really hard time out there, but most of the time we had fun and were just hanging out in a really nice environment with a lot of nice people around. We got very much support from locals and from people all over the globe! Thank you all participating in any way! Good times!

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  1. 、私はあなたが下に一つのことを見つける可能性があることを感知しませんでした。うれしい驚きは、それはほとんど発生しないが、以下では、我々は読み込み人に向けて、実際のボーナス価値の話すことができます。何が巨大なタイプを所有することなく、エラーを持つサイト通常素人作品についての私を激怒させます。以下に私は驚いています。うまくいけば、いくつかの作家にそれを作ると、その訪問者のために書くと、インターネットアクセスには全く何も所有していません!優れた解説を

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